Improving Bottom Lines through Industry and Accounting Insights

We serve over 200 retailers and wholesale distributors based in Virginia as well as throughout the country. Our clients represent auto dealerships, restaurants, florists, clothing, food service distributors, plumbing distributors, convenience stores and petroleum distributors, and many others.

Our industry specialists are members of various industry-specific associations which enhances their industry knowledge and allows us to better serve our clients. We are focused on assisting retailers and distributors improve their bottom lines.

Industry Focus

Many of our retail and wholesale distribution clients are facing decreased margins and are balancing the need of streamlining costs with the challenges of advertising, developing an online presence, expanding geographic competition, and loss prevention. We can provide insights and opportunities in the following areas:

  • Multi-state tax issues
  • Accounting for image enhancement and branding agreements
  • Credit card receivable processing
  • Retail and LIFO inventory methods
  • Internal Revenue Code capitalization rules
  • Environmental issues
  • Supply contracts
  • Vendor rebates
  • Unique tax lives for property
  • Structuring specific asset ownership, such as real estate and delivery vehicles
  • Mergers and acquisitions and Section 382 ownership issues
  • Performing Internal audits, internal controls reviews, IT audits
  • Regulatory compliance reviews (ex. PCI)
  • Healthcare benefits and tax reform consulting